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Model                       : GH-8203M

Auto Ignition            : 50,000+

Height                      : 4.5 inch with leg

Pated Pressure            : 2.8KPa / 2.0 KPa

Marble Measurement : Length - 29.5 inch, Width - 17 inch

Body Measurement : Length - 25 inch, Width - 13.5 inch

Body Type                     : High-Quality Ceramic Marble 

Burner Type             : Petaloid Brass Burner Cap

Body Type                    : High-Quality Ceramic Marble 

Warranty                      : 1 Year Service Warranty 


Introducing our Revolutionary Tornado Burner – a cutting-edge technology that creates a dynamic swirling flame for superior combustion. Experience efficient heat distribution, reduced fuel consumption, and precise temperature control for all your cooking needs. Upgrade to the future of cooking with the Tornado Burner.

Flame Failure Device (FFD): The inclusion of an FFD is an important safety feature that protects against potential fire hazards by automatically shutting off the gas supply to the burner if the flame is accidentally extinguished.

Low gas consumption: The gas stove's efficient gas usage is not only beneficial for reducing fuel costs but also helps to minimize its environmental impact.

50,000+ times auto ignition with 100% ignition rate: With an automatic ignition system that has a 100% ignition rate, lighting the burners is made effortless without the need for additional tools such as a lighter or matchstick.

Brass burner cap: The use of brass for the burner cap provides high thermal conductivity and helps to evenly distribute heat across the cooking surface, ensuring optimal cooking results. Additionally, the strong pan support can lift heavy weights, enhancing the stove's durability and versatility.

Installation Instructions 

1.The free space under the appliance should be more than 40cm, over the appliance should be more than 100cm.

2. We suggest you make a wind-in opening in the front of the cupboard.


*** NOTES:

1. Customers are Requested to Check the Product Properly While Receiving it. Product Replacement is Not Allowed After the Product is Received by the Customer.

2. Product Delivery Duration May Vary Due to Product Availability in Stock.

*** নোট:

১. গ্রাহকদের পণ্য গ্রহণ করার সময় সঠিকভাবে বুঝে নেয়ার জন্য অনুরোধ করা হচ্ছে। গ্রাহক দ্বারা পণ্য গ্রহনের পরে পণ্য পরিবর্তন বা ফেরত যোগ্য নয়।

২. স্টকে পণ্যের স্বল্পতার কারণে পণ্য সরবরাহের সময়কাল পরিবর্তিত হতে পারে।

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